Time is up for seller 19


Well that’s it! The Place to Be, in Newcastle-under-Lyme is closing down, so I have just been to collect my little paintings.

A mixture of cats and space  (there was a 1960’s film about that) sea and sand , fish and stained glass. My collection of paintings are things that have taken my fancy.

Unfortunately there was not enough footfall in the area where the shop was situated and as with anything else if it isn’t making money it’s not going to last.

I feel sorry for the owners of the shop which is a charity, but they cannot throw good money after bad, and I feel sorry for all the other sellers who are relying on small shops to try and sell there crafts.

I’m not sure if selling paintings in a craft shop is such a good idea. It’s that split between Art and Craft, how do you define them? What makes it different. Does reproducing something over and over again turn it into a craft? And yet some painters can do the same theme again and again.

Shops on the high street, especially independents, seem to be being hit hard. No shop can last if its rent and rates are too high. They are an expression of the lack of money around at the moment. People have to spend what they have on necessities and I’m afraid my paintings come under “luxuries”.

I will try and find another outlet for my pictures….perhaps on line…

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