I should be painting….


I’ve got another chance of selling paintings this weekend at Etruria Industrial museum  …the flint mill on the canal at Etruria in Stoke on Trent. But after the last two goes I have slightly lost the plot (see “Glum”).

I have a day or two to do a few paintings, small ones.  I’m thinking of doing some canal bridges…..

Does anyone else get this? Is it just me. I’m not a painting machine, and I think it’s the difference between doing art and craft. I’m beginning to realise crafters do wonderful art, but they can work around the same pattern or object over and over again. I’m terrible for getting bored. Jack if all trades master if none perhaps?

If I believed in astrology I might put it down to being typically “flighty” and having a “butterfly” mind. I just think its crammed with ideas, but sometimes they get stuck inside my head….they can’t get out!

I need to unblock my thoughts ….. let things escape. .. I think that means getting to bed earlier and having a good sleep instead of staying up late watching tv and feeling down. I also need to do activities. When I feel like this I feel like hiding away at home and not going out!

We did have a very busy weekend thats my excuse….

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