Helicopter BuZz

My husband is flying a mini helicopter round the room like a giant red hornet….

I dont think the cats are impressed, they keep out of the way. The way the ‘copter flies is not very stable. Although my partner is getting better at it. So it’s difficult to get a clear photo.

I would try and post a video but I don’t know how to upload them.

Why is this important. I am not going into details but he suffers from some mental health issues. Flying the ‘copter helps him concentrate, I gives him something called “flow” I think. He doesn’t have to think about the bad things when he is doing it…except he gets anxious when he crashes it..

So, live and let live, although you can tell by the photos we are are on the verge of being hoarders!

Here is what I think….


Big red ‘copter flying round the room

Don’t hit the cat and cause its doom….

Big red ‘copter like a hornet, red..

If you carry on flying I’m going to bed!

Big red ‘copter, hope you battery goes flat!

The way you are flying you will soon go splat!

Big red ‘copter, don’t spin out of control

Those are my paintings…., No! You made a hole!

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