Such a lovely word “glum” I think it means feeling down, a bit fed up. Not depressed exactly, just “glum”. There’s another word..gloomy, that has a similar meaning…

It started out well…We were at a well dressing out in the Staffordshire country side, there were marquees with craft stalls in, a bouncy castle and an old fair ground ride for toddlers.

We set up inside the tent, a fellow exhibitor suggested propping up some of my paintings to make a better display. I really don’t “sell” well. I feel nervous and I get tongue tied. I worry about my prices, and whether they should be more or less….

There were some lovely people about. One boy came up and asked me to draw two ferrets that he has. I drew the picture by looking at a photo on his phone. Then a second lad asked me to draw his dog so  I did that too. I earned a whole £3 but it was a pleasure drawing for them. Later I drew someone’s dog for another £1…yes they were quick sketches, at least it kept me occupied.

So…do I try and sell from a stall or try and get more exhibitions where a gallery will charge a commission. Whatever I do I need to learn, I need to get more confident. I also need to stop comparing myself with other painters because all that does is to focus on negative feelings.

I will keep trying!

By the way the owls were on a stall next to the tent, very well looked after.

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