Old digital doodles

I do love digital doodling. I wont go into detail about these but just enjoy the simplicity or again the complexity of creating them. I can’t explain how I know something is finished. It just feels right. It  somehow ticks the boxes in my brain.

I wonder how ancient cave painters felt? What made them create marks on a cave wall… was it just to explain pictorially where the best game could be found , or was there more to it than that. .. Can we infer any spirutual or philosophical meaning to mark making? I know it gives me a feeling of satisfaction when I create something I love, but also the anti climax when I realise that other  people who look at my art don’t “get” that feeling that I do.

so why do it, why spend time when I might not sell a painting? Because I have to! I feel compelled to create. I guess there must be many more people out there that feel the same way. To those people I would say, keep doing it, keep going. Above all enjoy your art .


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