Purple Heart

I drew a purple heart to follow my colour theme, then realised its a symbol of being wounded in America?

This is not my meaning, I also added extra hearts, which remind me of the flower dicentra spectabile …if that’s what its called?

I love the colour. When I was young I wanted a bike, but because my parents could not afford it they got me a car race track instead  (to be honest I think it was more for my dad?) Anyway there was a gorgeous model of a purple sports car with it, all shiney purple. I had not seen that colour before, having black and white tv, and only cheap felt pens to colour with. I remember some of the other cars to, a turquoise blue estate car and a green Capri type….

I would have liked the sports car when I started to drive, but I ended up with my mom’s old car ( she told me watch out the brakes are a bit worn) which I promptly crashed into a low stone wall on our first trip out in the countryside…but it was because I had to avoid a car driven at about 40 miles an hour which was oncoming from round a corner on a narrow road. It was either a head on collusion, or dodge. I dodged and ended up knocking my engine back about 6 inches. But, we were OK. The car was a write off… the other car disappeared without stopping.

Moral, don’t drive down country lanes when you have only just passed your test!

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