Multiple photos

It’s really interesting taking a photograph and then multiplying it. I tend to take pictures of trees, but here I have looked out of windows at Spode or multiplied every day objects like my glasses and a mug. I have even drawn over  one of the photos using a simple kaleidoscope app.

I think what makes these interesting is the underlying structure, ridges on the roofs or the metal frames of the windows ….the white triangles and diamonds on the multiplied glasses photo adds a surprising pattern.

The trick is to rotate the pictures until you get the most pleasing composition.  Sometimes it’s interesting not to be completely symmetrical, you can use shadows and spaces to create a different feel. Always look at negative space, for instance the sky, patterns can appear here too….

Be creative and you can bring out so much interest even from a mundane photo…..

Changing the filters, colours, going from colour to black and white can all add to the final image. If you are not satisfied you don’t have to accept the picture…maybe take a backwards step and try something else.

There are so many apps out there, and just using a mobile phone you can get pleasing images. Curiosity is a good habit to have. A sense of playing with the subject and not being afraid to experiment……

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