Mist and murk

I can’t  wait to get my hanging baskets planted!

It’s been so misty and murky today, grey skies and mizzling rain…What I need is sunlight and flowers.



In the summer I love to cram hanging baskets with colour, sometimes the flowers last into winter. It cheers me up to see splashes of colour outside the windows…like fireworks on a dark night they spark joy in me.

I love the patterns on petals, the bright pollen centres glow in the light. When linked together and multiplied they create beautiful patterns. Agapanthus splashes like a fountain across the frame of the photo.

I love summer gardens…..

2 thoughts on “Mist and murk

    1. We get the plants from local nurseries, I usually start buying things and putting in seeds about now. Richard puts them in earlier but the cold can slow or stop germination. We live on the damp side of the country so water is not too much of a problem . We are having a tree removed to let more light into the main garden, hopefuly resulting in more flowers.

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