Last year I learned about Batik.

I’ve always wanted to learn this.


I have a friend called Belinda who runs various art classes. So last year I had a go at doing batik.

It’s a while, so I don’t recall the technique, but first you draw out a design and use hot melted wax on top of it to add areas which will resist the coloured inks that make up the bright colours of your design. This was to give us an idea of how to make an art work. I drew fish in a Piscean sort of pose.

Once we had done this we went on to draw our designs on a peice of cotton in wax ( you could use silk). After the wax had dried we then painted inks onto the design. I had done a yin yang kitties design …see photos.

But you then have to remove the wax. This is done by putting the material between  paper and ironing with a hot iron. As you heat the cotton up the wax melts again and is absorbed into the paper. you can add more wax and build up more layers of colour. I would say start with the lightest inks or dyes first as you would with watercolour painting.

Finally I added some stitched details on the cats faces to define their eyes and noses.

I was surprised with the result, very happy with it, and I think that was down to the teacher.  All the people at the group were pleased with their peices.

I would recommend anyone to have a go at this. I have since had the peice mounted and framed.

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