Other things I do…

I like decorating pots….



I sometimes decorate pots and jugs, when I get the chance. As you can see I like cats.

These were done at the Royal Stafford pottery in Burslem (straight sided jug) and Emma Bridgewater pottery (rounded sides). Both were done for fun in the workshops at the potteries using the glazes provided.

I would like to do more but I don’t have my own kiln, and I don’t have the throwing skills to make decent pots. Both jugs were slip cast (where you pour liquid clay into a plaster mould), the clay sticks to the mould and is then removed and biscuit fired before visitors to the potteries can decorate them.

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9 thoughts on “Other things I do…

  1. I did a ceramic design degree but I wasn’t long out of university before I changed to designing, making and selling greeting cards. The need for a kiln and a permanent place to keep it was way too limiting. You are lucky to be close enough to have fun with someone else’s kiln and materials. I love your style!

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    1. Yes, liking in the potteries (stoke on trent) means having access to a lot of creative opportunities. The only thing is the cost. where one jug painted at the Emma Bridgewater pottery cost £30, the second one which is slightly larger cost me £15 at the Royal Stafford pottery. It is worth shopping around.

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