Dreaming in Blue and Orange

Sometimes you just need to use colour, doodle, feel free, mess about.

I did these three in the Sketcher for Galaxy app. The first one was going to be a beach and sunset. I had just seen a painting by Monet of a seascape and sky and the colours were deliciously luminous.

However it didnt really work even when using the smudge tool, so I decided to add a grey figure, depicting loss or contemplation. The result looks quite ghostly.

Then I decided to add the white horse, quite randomly. It was more about the challenge of getting more light into the image. I am also learning to control the tools which are being drawn with my right middle finger. At times my fingers catch on the screen, resulting in the line dragging and jumping. Then it’s a case of going back a step or two and trying again.

Finally I decided to draw a fish. I wanted to really emphasise the blue and orange colours. So why not have a blue fish and orange water, I could imagine the sun setting over a pond reflecting its orange, gold rays. The fish could be a trout instead of a Koi which I usually draw.

Other problems are choosing the right brushes to get the effects you want. Keeping the opacity of the brushes low so you get a more transparent feel. Trying to get the line thickness thin enough. (I think I must get another stylus). There are limitations to the programme and I do sometimes have trouble saving images. Also the image size can cause a problem when saving to sites like instagram as there seems to be a height or width limit and I often lose parts of the picture because of it.

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