Old patterns, New paintings

When you live in an old pottery city you are surrounded by designs and patterns.


The amount of creativity around here in the past, and still happening here is amazing.

I have been inspired by old pottery designs to paint a series of tiny canvases based on some of the old plates and pottery found around here.

I like the floral patterns, but also old picturesque architecture.

The main difficulty is finding a fine enough brush and also the quality of the little canvases. They can have quite a strong woven surface and the paint catches in the tiny dents on them and does not lie as neatly as it would on cartridge paper, for instance.

I am using tiny canvases, about 2 inches by 1 1/2 inches (3 by 5 centimetres approx). They are then painted with acrylic paint. I suppose I could use oil paint but this takes longer to dry although it might blend better.

So there you go….more ideas, I do love art and craft.



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