Phone doodles?


Does anyone still do phone doodles?

It’s been a while, but I still sometimes use my landline  (no I’m not giving out my number!)

So I had received a colourful envelope, I had a fine nibbed pen, and I started to doodle. It’s always been faces with me, generally drawn full face, or three quarter sometimes in profile. I also like spirals and checks. Once I start doodling its hard to stop. I like filling in the gaps …….the longer he phone call the bigger the doodles and patterns.

So does anyone else still do this or is it just me? Or the other question is biro or marker pen, or crayon?? Is it the back of an envelope ? Do you doodle on newspapers?  I like to fill in gaps on crosswords, or colour in soduko puzzles once I have done them….I had real fun with a pink glitter pen one day!

Question? Is this art, is it worth doing? Do you get ideas from it?

I liked adding a plane with feathered wings and birds legs, and why not checks on a cat?

Lots of questions, funny how doing something as mundane as doodling can throw up so much thought.

I suppose its a positive use of creativity which wouldn’t necessarily be channelled if I hadn’t had the envelope and the pen. X

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