Murals and scenery

I’ve helped out painting scenery for the Penkhull mystery plays which are held on the green at Penkhull each year. I have also painted a few murals.

The first mural was at the unemployment action centre in Hanley. I went back a few years later to take photos of it, but forgot to put film in the camera, and the building was demolished before I could go back.

A similar thing happened when I worked with Stoke City council to help paint an alien scene at Blurton High School. This was later knocked down to create a new academy.

I also helped paint a mural at one of the ward’s at bucknall hospital, and in Tunstall town centre.

My favourite ones are a series of pictures at the Leopard in Burslem. I took wide ranging topics, like the Burslem Angel, the riot, Clarice Cliff pottery and Arthur Berry and painted a series of murals in the Bennett suite there. I still intend to try and get some good photos of them.

The first-time I painted scenery was at school for a production of My fair lady I think (it might have been Iolanthe?) I have continued to enjoy doing this and hope to do more in the future. I wanted to post some pictures, but I will have to search for them.


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